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After-sale service

After-sale service

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-29 00:00:00
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The company provides products to customers after the operation 18 months guarantee period, the company to provide life-long maintenance services for hardware products. In the quality assurance period, such as the product belongs to the company's product quality problems, the company provides free repair, replacement, exchange services.

In 24 hours, 48 hours in the province to provide customers with excellent service.

Service commitment - pre service

Passion for product introduction and recommendation;

In the pre selection for customers in product selection and supporting programs to provide a reasonable reference to provide customers with optimal solutions to provide appropriate technical cooperation, technical training.

Service commitment: in service

Carefully understand the terms of the contract, specific customer requirements, the production process in strict accordance with the current state and the highest standards, the contract by the seller and the buyer sign, our company according to the buyer's need to provide the necessary project design drawings of equipment and related materials;

Be responsible for providing equipment supervision, technical cooperation, technical training;

When the customer changes to the contract to do a good job to ensure the smooth implementation of the contract and delivery;

Contact with customers before delivery, according to customer requirements of the arrival time, transportation, timely and accurate delivery of products to customers;

Provide detailed information on the use of the product, test reports, installation schematics, product maintenance instructions and other related information;

Service commitment - after sales service

According to customer requirements, service personnel to the scene to carry out technical services;

Assist customers to solve all kinds of unexpected problems, and provide technical support;

Regular customer satisfaction survey, collect customer suggestions, in order to continue to correct and improve, to better serve the customer;

Company leaders do not regularly visit customers, listen to the views of customers, the company's service personnel to monitor the quality of service in order to continuously improve.

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