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Corporate culture

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Hunan smart vision: to become a strong smart grid service providers.
The research and development of intelligent fault diagnosis technology for smart grid equipment.
The core values of intelligence: honesty, harmony, innovation and service.
Intelligent management idea: resource integration, high efficiency and win-win
Hunan to the intelligent enterprise spirit: be sincere, good things
Hunan to intelligent quality policy: careful manufacture first-class quality, continuous innovation beyond customer expectations, comply with regulations of social responsibility, prevention of pollution control safety risk.
Intelligent value of Hunan Province
Customer value: employee value is realized through customer value.
Employee value: employee value is the premise of shareholder value, customer value and social value
Shareholder value: shareholder value is realized through employee value
Social value: social value is the result of employee value realization
Intelligent internal mechanism
Communication mechanism: sincerity is the foundation, help is the direction, not to the people, not abstract, the basis of criticism, praise should be timely.
The competition mechanism: taking performance as the criterion, up and down, important positions to implement the competition system, power, light let go away.
Cooperation mechanism: empathy, mutual customers, full communication, common development; good at working with a variety of different types of people to make up for their deficiencies.
Innovation mechanism: innovation is the soul of sustainable development of enterprises, including: technological innovation, management innovation and market model innovation.
Incentive mechanism: adhere to the combination of positive and negative incentives to encourage the principle of positive traction, supplemented by appropriate punishment.
Corporate human resources strategic guiding ideology: people-oriented, condensed essence, create opportunities for common development.
The configuration principle of human resource: honesty, best use, have both ability and political integrity.
The requirements for the development of intelligent employees: can hard-working + willing to learn + good thinking
XiangNeng intelligent morality: treat people sincerely, work is good; Ren Yi Li Zhi - - - -.
Hunan intellectual responsibility
Hunan energy intelligent responsibility:
To myself: Time will not wait for me., self transcendence, spare no effort to catch up, keep pace with the times.
To the company: the company gives me a platform, I help the company grow.
Customer: the customer is our God, forever grateful.
To the society: the patriotic starts from me, starts from the minor matter, only then respects the social ethics, abides by the commercial ethics the talented person is the responsible social citizen.
Hunan to the intelligent view of power: power is the responsibility, the use of power, very careful, the greater the power position, the greater the risk, the greater the responsibility.
Hunan intellectual rights: each employee has the right to give full play to the advantages of personal strengths. Every employee has the right to get paid. The realization of the rights of each employee shall not be based on the damage to the interests of others.
The pursuit of intelligent employees: value, growth, happiness, dream
Hunan intelligence staff mentality:
"Gratitude" mentality: only grateful, grateful to help everyone, you will have more people to help you, you will be more successful. As the saying goes: helping others, helping others.
"If you want to take the mentality: first, small homes small and large homes, not reluctant.
Empty cup mentality: This is a realm of learning, requiring every employee to always empty the mind of outdated knowledge, timely update of knowledge and ideas, truly self improvement, with the times.
The "sunshine" mentality: This is a kind of attitude to life, that no matter what the situation, to maintain a positive attitude, do not be swayed by negative emotions before midnight for myself after midnight, for others to mind, nature will become open, has become a positive energy of the people.
Intelligent method of energy:
Successful methodology: success = right idea + right approach + action + constant and continuous improvement.
Decide the fate of attitude, bearing impact pattern.
Working principle: the customer first is not unified thought, there is no unified action trust can not replace the system only to find a successful way, not to find excuses for failure quick response, immediate action

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