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General Manager Speech

General Manager Speech

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  • Time of issue:2019-11-29 00:00:00
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  Welcome to Hunan, Hunan intelligent electrical Limited by Share Ltd website! Thank you for your attention to our company!   
  Hunan XiangNeng electrical intelligent Limited by Share Ltd is Hunan XiangNeng Electric Power Co. (Group) company's integration of excellent electrical equipment production enterprises, the integration of the industry and a number of high-tech enterprises, jointly set up a company set up by injection.   
  The company in accordance with the national "12th Five-Year" plan, focus on the development of low-carbon economy, promote environmental protection energy-saving products business philosophy, to "treat people sincerely, the core value of service excellence" spirit of enterprise and the "win-win" concept, with "professional services, rapid response" service concept, to create advanced technology, electric power equipment reliable quality, green environmental protection for. Over the years, companies adhere to the people-oriented, as employees as the greatest wealth, create the company and the employee and his mechanism, won the government, customers and friends of the trust.   
  In the future, the company will be based on the construction and development of smart grid, seize the opportunity, dare to be the first; we will continue with the user focus, adhere to the "integrity, innovation, service, win-win" business philosophy, and vigorously promote technological progress, with innovative ideas, pragmatic attitude to provide first-class service and the product for the user, we will continue to forge ahead, beyond the self, dedication for power achievement better tomorrow!

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