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  • Time of issue:2019-11-29 00:00:00
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  Hunan XiangNeng electrical intelligent Limited by Share Ltd headquartered in Changsha City, is a high-tech enterprises, software enterprises, it has three subsidiaries: Hunan Hunan Electric Automation Co. Ltd., Changsha Sanyou Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. and Hunan Yincheng science and Technology Co Ltd. Registered capital of 45 million yuan. Services include power systems, rail transportation, new energy and energy conservation, energy and chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, machinery, etc..
  Hunan XiangNeng electrical Limited by Share Ltd products include: intelligent fault diagnosis of power transmission products: network fault location system, distribution network fault line selection and location positioning system, distributed transmission line fault, transient recording fault indicator; test equipment: power inverter, induction voltage, partial discharge and series resonance test system, harmonic characteristic test system; testing system: electric test vehicle; low voltage control products: three-phase current balance and reactive power compensation device of distribution line, automatic voltage regulator device; distribution network products: 10kV circuit breaker, feeder terminal unit (FTU). Hunan Hunan intelligent electrical Limited by Share Ltd is based on the world's leading technology and products, is committed to the power system automation, information technology, intelligent construction and promotion to contribute. Focus on the development of low carbon economy, environmental protection and conservation oriented society, with new technology, new technology, new material "three new" as the standard, to create intelligent, energy-saving "two" products. To the customer to take "customer service 1+1" way, "the person is responsible for + professional team" composed of service team, in good faith to provide customers with the most intimate professional services.

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